Monthly Archives: November 2009

System reboot – 2009-11-22

Just to let you know that next Sunday, 22nd November during the afternoon we will be reboot the machine this blog is hosted.

This will allow us to boot with an updated kernel which has a number of security fixes we regard as needed.

The outage should last less than 10 minutes.

Blog Statistics and Google Maps

We’ve obtained a Google Maps API Key which enables the maps in the statistics pages of the blog admin dashboard.

And after correcting a couple of bugs in the stats code to cope with changes in the wordpress code we now have viewable maps.

One point to note as that due to the restrictions on the key use you would need to look at your admin interface via the address in order to see the maps and avoid a google pop-up error.  This is as previously mentioned in our recent posting Domain Mapping

Adjusted Lightbox Plugin

We’ve adjust the lightbox plugin CSS to ensure that the images appear above theme layers.

This was previously a problem on themes like Arclite where the header and menus were above the lightbox images.

Domain Mapping

The Domain Mapping functionality you will find under the Tools menu allows you to have a personal domain against your blog as well as the name.

If you owned you would have your DNS modified to point both and at the IP address shown on the Domain Mapping page.

There is one caveat that should be noted.

Remote login does not work. It’s possible to be logged in on the main site, logged in on the domain mapped blog as a different user or not logged in at all there!

The practical upshot of this currently means you should only edit/administer via the domain. All changes you make are visible under both names.